Colourfully Illustrated Cardboard Playhouses
Knight Illustration

For the legendary King Arthur or perhaps the fearless St. George (slayer of the dragon), the Medieval Castle is a fabulous play space for little knights and young warriors alike.

This sturdy four-sided structure is designed to withstand attack and is the ideal space to hold a prisoner at bay or hide away from opponents.

From the front, two armoured knights stand guard of the main gate and, look closely, and you'll see their visors are actually slits for spying on those approaching fast.

Above the door and portcullis there is a Coat of Arms shield that can be personalised with your family name. It also has the motto "In Scientia Gaudium" - the latin for "With Knowledge Comes Joy"

On the two adjacent sides, the castle has real arrow slits and to the rear there is a 'tower' window for quick escape or for any little damsels in distress who may need freeing in the fashion of Rapunzel.

Eyes spying through arrow slit

Photo of Front of Cardboard Castle

be King of the Castle or Rapunzel


Ship within the US and Canada

Shipping is $11 within the US or $30 to Canada via UPS. We currently do not ship outside of North America.

Each castle (inside its shipper) weighs 10 lbs. When assembled the castle measures

27" x 27" x 52".


Medieval Castle
Castle is $79 plus shipping